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France travel guide


Paris: named ‘the city of love’ by the greatest poets, writers, actors, and musicians who found inspiration in the beauty of this mesmerizing city. Whitestone townhouses ooze luxury, the smell of freshly baked croissants drifts through the air, and flowers hang at the sides of cobbled streets. Take a trip to Paris, France, for 2-4 days, spending your days visiting attractions, trendy neighborhoods, and delicious restaurants. Use this Paris guide to plan your trip to one of Europe’s best cities.

Day 1: All Around the Eiffel Tower

Channel your inner ‘Emily in Paris’ and start your day with a delicious coffee and freshly baked croissant at a boulangerie near your accommodation. Practice your French, and enjoy the satisfaction of those perfect warm layers of pastry!

Tip: On your trip to Paris, look for bakeries (Boulangerie) and pastry shops (Patisseries).

1. Arc de Triomphe

Start by taking the subway (1.90 EUR) to station ‘Charles de Gaulle – Etoile’. From here, walk to the Arc de Triomphe, one of the most iconic sights on any trip to Paris. The huge square arch sits at the western end of the famous road, ‘Champs-Elysees’, a wide avenue that’s been featured in many famous movies.

Best of all, you can climb to the top! Nearly 300 stairs later, you’ll find a viewing platform with spectacular views over the city. At sunset, you’ll get beautiful colors in the sky, and at night you can watch Paris live up to its name as ‘the city of lights’. You can even see the Eiffel Tower lights; it’s covered in 20,000 bulbs!

Opening Times & Tickets: Open 10 am to 10.30 pm every day of the year. Tickets cost 13 EUR. Buy Tickets

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