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The bags or plastic tubs of washed salad greens available at your local supermarket are convenient in a pinch, but taking the time to source greens from the farmers market and/or prepare your salad greens from bunches or individual heads is well worth the effort. Salad greens that you wash and spin yourself are fresher, more flavourful and nutritious. These vibrant greens last for days in the refrigerator, adding healthy leafiness to your meals throughout the week

5 tips to eat salads for breakfast!


As a team united by our love for salads, we were thrilled to discover an exciting new trend amongst foodies and bloggers: eating salad for breakfast! We regularly eat salad for lunch and dinner, so why not breakfast? A salad in the morning can provide just the right mix of healthy fats, protein and nutrients to keep you feeling full and energetic until lunch time. What a great way to kickstart your “five a day”! 

The combinations for a simple breakfast salad are endless. We are sure it will become a new morning addiction. Here are a few easy ideas to get you started. 

  • Avocado slices, tomato chunks and hardboiled eggs

  • Fresh spinach, sliced strawberries, almonds and cottage cheese

  • Corn salad or your favourite salad leaves, sweet potato, dried cranberries and poppy seeds with a dash of olive oil

  • A traditional Italian caprese: sliced tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella with olive oil

  • Baby spinach, red grapes, walnuts and a squeeze of honey

  • Cherry tomatoes, melon and cucumber with mint leaves

To build your own breakfast salad, here are 5 tips: 

  1. Include healthy fats like nuts, avocado or olive oil

  2. Add protein, like eggs, beans or cheese for variety

  3. Throw in a big portion of veg like lettuce and raw veggies for nutrients and colour

  4. Want an extra kick of long lasting energy? Add brown rice, lentils or quinoa

  5. Don’t forget to make use of leftovers as a base for your morning salad project

Suggestions of breakfast salads on Love my Salad:

What do you think about eating salad for breakfast? For more inspirational ideas, take a look at our special breakfast section. Breakfast salads handpicked for you to try! 

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